Barbed Arrow In Kitchener, Ontario – “Damn Cool!” Says Tech Triangle

Barbed Arrow is pleased to announce the corporate headquarters opening in Kitchener, Ontario – and part of the Kitchener-Waterloo area’s growing game publishing industry.

A recent press release sheds more light on Barbed Arrow’s decision to base in Kitchener, while staff branch out to London, England, across the United States, Norway, and various regions of Canada.

Waterloo-based business network facilitator, Tech Triangle Inc. gave a Twitter nod to Barbed Arrow’s entry into the local game industry saying, “Damn cool!”

We definitely agree with that sentiment. Barbed Arrow looks forward to growing business and strategic relationships with various technology start-ups in the Kitchener-Waterloo area in 2014.

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Technical-everything and co-founder here at Barbed Arrow. I've been involved in the gaming industry for a decade and a half in various roles. Grevnol would like to kick my ass half the time, most people would pay him to do that. I've been called "a pool of useless trivia" and I have a very good memory, except for important things like... names. I hate colorblind people. (That's a joke. Kind of.)

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