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Brotherhood of the Ebon Circle

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Brotherhood Soldier Concept

Slavers used to to be divided by their nationality. Slavers were expected to capture slaves from other nations, but never their own. Their nations governments would not allow slavers to capture their own citizens. This led to several slave teams in each nation, with no official connection to one another.  Governments used the slavers for political reasons and the slavers used the governments for economic reasons.

With the rise of the Crimson Legion, the slave trade began to suffer. Profits were going towards hired hands to help protect their product.  They were losing men and slaves to the relentless fury of the Crimson Legion.  For the first time in history, a slave run could end in a loss of income.  Many fled the business seeing no profit or fearing for their lives.  The Crimson Legion was winning.

There were some that would not let go of the slave trade business.  It was all they knew how to do and they had nowhere else to go.  For others, it is the pure joy of dominating another spirit and breaking them to their will.  And there are always those that are just natural born killers.  They began to unite.  With secretive funding from governments and private individuals, the slavers began to regroup quickly.  This was the formation of the Brotherhood of the Ebon Circle.  An organized and well funded faction of slavers, focused solely on the continuation slave trade industry.

The Brotherhood is filled with unconscionable individuals determined to bring pain and suffering to the world.  Thus the crest of a skull. An image of the death the Brotherhood brings and the soulless individuals that join and lead this faction of slavers.

Their whole purpose is to capture, trade, and sell slaves.  Since they’re not exactly liked by people (who are product to them), they have an “us against the world” philosophy.  Very clannish, getting into the Brotherhood requires fanatical dedication to the cause.  Admittance into the Brotherhood requires getting a tattoo of a black circle on the right cheek, thus marking you for life as a member of the Brotherhood.  If you cannot devote your life to the Brotherhood, then you are not of the required caliber to enter.  Their ties to government and wealthy supporters makes the Brotherhood a very dangerous and powerful faction.