Crimson Legion

Legion Soldier ConceptOnce the Serndall trade route was opened to all, the slave market exploded.  Access to new sources of slaves were now available to slave raiders, and a neutral ground was formed for trade between all nations.

Over time, revolutionaries appeared who believed that slavery was immoral and needed to be stopped.  No nation would stand against slavery, fearing an economic collapse, so those fighting against slavery started their own: the Free Nation.

All were welcome to live within the Free Nation with one stipulation: they must devote their lives to the abolishment of slavery, and prove to be productive members of the fledgling society.

At first, the Free Nation grew in secrecy, as their location was unknown to anyone but those that had joined.  Eventually growing large enough, other nations became aware of their existence. By that time, the Free Nation was established as a defensible and productive land, though the location of their main base of operations has still not been discovered.

Many of the surrounding nations tried to destroy the upstart Free Nation, but they could not break the spirit of these people who were devoted to their cause. No one expected them to grow as quickly as they did, and no one realized how much revenge can fuel the spirit.

The Free Nation initially grew from escaped and freed slaves who had jumped at the chance of joining a nation of their own, offering protection and giving them a chance at freedom and revenge.  The Free Nation population and infrastructure quickly grew to a point where they could effectively defend their lands, and prepare for the day that others would unite to wipe them out.

During this period of growth, the Free Nation had to attend to the normal needs of a rapidly expanding society, so they could no longer focus strictly on abolishing slavery.  The need to feed their people, clear the lands, build cities and towns and create a strong economy became paramount.

And thus the beginnings of the Crimson Legion.  A faction, created by Free Nation warriors, devoting their lives to destroy and stop the Brotherhood of the Ebon Circle, free slaves, and protect their home from outside aggression. All races of free people are welcome.

The Legion’s crest is a crimson rising dragon.  This represents a people rising from tyranny and slavery – a symbol to begin their lives anew; rising up and fighting for their new world and the cause of freedom.


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I am an introvert, who is very comfortable by myself. I don't remember what that is like anymore, with two young children, a wife and a dog. This has put me on the edge, and I'm sure I could burst at any moment. Before that happens, I hope to continue enjoying my games, books, TV shows, hanging with the kids, and designing games. I will continue to hate house work, other drivers, Cable companies, phone companies, annoying people, happy people and of course all large corporations.

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