Grand Arena of Serndall To Include Accessibility Standards For Color Blind

Today Barbed Arrow announced plans to include accessibility features for color blind players in Grand Arena of Serndall, scheduled for a mid-2014 launch.

Members of the Barbed Arrow team have extensive experience designing digital technology to comply with accessibility standards — and are actually color blind as well. This increased the awareness of designing the interface and game play to include red/green and blue/yellow color blind accessibility standards; uncommon in mobile and online games today.

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Technical-everything and co-founder here at Barbed Arrow. I've been involved in the gaming industry for a decade and a half in various roles. Grevnol would like to kick my ass half the time, most people would pay him to do that. I've been called "a pool of useless trivia" and I have a very good memory, except for important things like... names. I hate colorblind people. (That's a joke. Kind of.)

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