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Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Mercenary ConceptWith the establishment of the Crimson Legion and the Brotherhood of the Ebon Circle, a balance in resistance was created. This constant conflict leaves many injured and dead in its wake. Their casualties are not being replaced by new recruits quickly enough to maintain their ranks. Supply and demand creates opportunity. Many warriors have no interest in politics or fighting for a cause, but coin is required by all.

The Legion and the Brotherhood scoured the land, hiring anyone they could find to fight for their cause. This was resource intensive, inefficient, and did not provide them with nearly the amount of warriors they required. Governments would help with money under the table, but could not provide forces showing public support for either cause.

This situation spawned a group that call themselves the Mercs. A few entrepreneurial warriors banded together and the mercenary faction was formed. Now the Legion and Brotherhood have a steady supply of warriors to help them destroy each other. As long as they keep killing each other, the Mercs will have a steady stream of income. Neither faction has been able to get the Mercs to side one way or another because the Mercs need the Legion and the Brotherhood. Without both, the flow of gold ends.

The Mercs crest is simplicity itself and is as straight forward as their faction name: A sword and axes. They are weapons for hire and that is what their crest speaks to. Hire them and they will remain loyal for the duration of their contract.

We will see what fate lies in store for the Mercs. Will they continue to worship the almighty coin or choose a side in the ongoing conflict? If you have no stance on the war on slavery, then the Mercs may be a good place for you. They do not involve themselves in politics and will do business with supporters of both the Legion and the Brotherhood.