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The Grand Arena of Serndall – Overview

Monday, October 7th, 2013

The Grand Arena of Serndall is set in the world of Valgaard, where the nations are at peace and factions wage their own personal war.

The Brotherhood of the Ebon Circle runs the slave trade in Valgaard, while the Crimson Legion is sworn to abolish slavery in all forms. You must pick a side to compete in the Grand Arena, the most famous gladiatorial coliseum in Valgaard, which is located in Serndall. If you are not interested in the conflict over slavery, then you can join the Mercenaries faction.

Each faction has a headquarters in Serndall devoted to the training of their gladiators to gain fame and fortune for their cause and individual glory.

There are four races to choose from in Valgaard: Elves, Dwarves, Orks, and Humans. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, all of which depend on the profession you choose to pursue. The five professional classes allowed to compete in the Grand Arena are Warriors, Thieves, Wizards, Monks, and Assassins.

With hundreds of weapons and armor to choose from, you will need lots of gold to equip yourself with what you need to win in the Grand Arena. Gain experience by sparring with your teammates in your faction headquarters so you can learn to use the more advanced equipment. This is also a quick way to earn the gold needed to make it through the day in Serndall. When you think you are ready, well equipped, and experienced enough, enter the Grand Arena to duel other hopefuls. You must fight your way through the contenders if you one day hope to be the Champion of the Grand Arena. There can be only one Champion in the Grand Arena, and they will not give up that title easily.

When you are not battling or training, take a load off your shoulders and explore Serndall. Visit the local tavern and buy a round for the house. Maybe you are a gambling gladiator? The tavern regulars would be happy to take your gold in a game of chance. If that isn’t your cup of tea, go place a bet on the next round of scheduled duels.

There are many places you will need to become familiar with in Serndall. Know where the equipment shops are and make friends with the healers. They will come in handy when you are bleeding out and at the edge of death. If you just aren’t making the cut in the Grand Arena, go visit one of the training academies and hone those skills of yours. Then the Grand Arena dogs will have to show you some respect. I also hear of great treasures hidden somewhere deep within Serndall.

Be careful who you upset, or the streets of Serndall can become a dangerous place. You can always hide out in the Inn, but nothing will protect you forever. Unfortunately you can’t please everyone and your actions have consequences. You will build up your notoriety with the Brotherhood and the Legion, so be careful who you upset. Whatever you do, try not to get on both of their bad sides.

Join us in the Grand Arena and make your run for Champion. Enjoy your time in Serndall and lead your faction to glory and influence within the city. This is a struggle between factions, and you cannot gain in Serndall without putting someone down to get there. You must beat down your fellow gladiators in order to be the Champion. There is no other way.