There & Back Again – Barbed Arrow on Facebook

Barbed Arrow back on Facebook

This week we’ve relaunched the Barbed Arrow and Grand Arena of Serndall presence on Facebook.

Hammer here to check it out, including Facebook-exclusive Grand Arena of Serndall information about the story of the city of Serndall and upcoming Facebook events with the developer team.

Mash that “Like” button and maybe you’ll win a prize.

(Though that ‘prize’ might be Pixie beating up Grond and Grevnol. Again.)

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Technical-everything and co-founder here at Barbed Arrow. I've been involved in the gaming industry for a decade and a half in various roles. Grevnol would like to kick my ass half the time, most people would pay him to do that. I've been called "a pool of useless trivia" and I have a very good memory, except for important things like... names. I hate colorblind people. (That's a joke. Kind of.)

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